A Little Green Apple – A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

A little green apple,
Fell down from a tree,
It landed in a bush,
Wondered how to be free.

The apple was stuck,
It wanted to get out,
It thought for a moment,
And decided to shout!

“Help! Help!”
The hopeless fruit said,
Then it heard footsteps,
Which came from a spade.

“Here, let me help you”,
Said the blue spade,
“Thank you, Mr. Spade”,
The happy apple said.

They became friends,
That helped each other,
And happily they lived,
In the garden together.

A Cat, Rat and Blue Jay – A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

A little brown cat,
Sits in the garden,
Playing with a rat,
Who’s name is Jordan.

The cat loves to play,
With Jordan everyday,
They are good friends,
Playing together all day.

On one rainy day,
Jordan sits in the garden,
Then comes a blue jay,
That scares little Jordan.

Jordan steps back,
Slowly to escape,
But the bird just pecks,
On the vine, and picks a grape.

It gives the grape to Jordan,
And Jordan says thank you,
Jordan thinks the bird is nice,
The cat likes blue jay too.

So the three becomes friends,
And they all live together,
And so since that day,
They live happily ever after.

Teddy And The Berries, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

There was a little teddy,
Who lived in a cabin,
Picking up berries,
In his square-shaped garden.

Teddy is afraid,
To leave his berries there,
For ants will parade,
Towards his little square.

The ants will steal,
All his sugary treats,
And there went his meal,
Stolen by the fleet.


Johnny And The Little Red Flower, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

A little red flower,
Blooming in the garden,
After long hot hours,
It sadly withered away…

A little boy came by,
His name is Johnny,
He wondered why,
The flower’s so gloomy.

He took a watering can,
And filled it with water,
He watered the plant,
Hoping the flower’ll be happy.

Hours passed by,
Johnny came back,
He looked to the sky,
As it started to rain.

The boy was surprised,
To see sky crying,
The sky must be sad,
To see the flower dying.

Then the sky stop crying,
And the sun’s now shining,
Johnny started smiling,
To see the flower blooming.


Nature, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

Apples are sweet,
Oranges are sour,
Trees are beautiful,
As beautiful as a flower.

Bears are big,
Ants are small,
Animals are cute,
And I love them all.

My Little Advice, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

The sky is blue,
The leaves are green,
Please be nice,
And never be mean.

Summers are hot,
Winters are cold,
Do not be afraid,
And try to be bold.


A Boy And An Apple, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

One red apple,
Fell from a tree,
A boy picked it up,
And counted to three.

His friends closed their eyes,
As the boy hid the apple,
They searched for the apple,
But instead they found a grapple.

No one knew what it was,
So they questioned each other,
Then the boy told his friends,
“It belonged to my father.”

Den Apfel

Bumper The Bee, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

Bumper the bee,
Was sitting on a tree,
Waiting for his friends,
Bumble and Bee.

He waited and waited,
Till an apple fell down,
But no sign of his friends,
And so he frown.

But he didn’t give up,
Nor did he fly away,
Kept waiting for his friends,
Who arrived the next day!


A Boy Named Fred, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

I know a boy,
His name is Fred,
He loves green apples,
Honey, oats and bread.

Fred is always hungry,
He eats to fill his tummy,
And he loves to have lunch,
With his old granddaddy,

Fred collects coins,
He also collects stamps,
He received a new stamp,
With a picture of two lamps.


Bread The Squirrel, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

One little squirrel,
Its name is Bread,
It loves juggling acorns,
On top of its cute head.

One sunny day,
Bread wants to play,
Together with its friend,
Named Jummy All Way.

Jummy is tall,
Fluffy and brown,
Bread likes its friend,
Who’s funny like a clown.