The Mystery of the Missing Door (Chapter 4: Suspects)

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As Pete and Reen was approaching the man, suddenly a fat, dark haired man came out of nowhere and tried to snatch the huge piece of flat wood from him. It was something like watching a dramatic crime scene in a movie as they witnessed the fat, dark haired man chasing a tall man who was carrying a very huge piece of flat wood. The tall man ran towards the beach followed by the fat, dark haired man.

It was amazing how fast the tall man could run while carrying the huge, flat wood on his back. The fat, dark haired man could not chase him for he was too exhausted as he was too heavy. As soon as he reached his truck, the tall man put the huge flat wood into the back of his truck and drove away. The fat man hopped on a motorcycle and followed him.

Reen and Pete ran after him as fast as they could, but the motorcycle was too fast for them to catch up. They sat down on a bench drinking a bottle of water while thinking of what else they should do. They waited for a few minutes, hoping the man would come back so that they could interview them.

“So the mystery of this missing door is not yet solved,” said Pete. “There’s too much things to do, too many questions to be answered and too little clues to answer the questions. But at least we have our first suspect who looks kind of nice, but nervous when we tried to talk to him. What do you think, Reen? Could he be the one who stole the door?” And before Reen could say anything, Pete continued, “Come on Reen, let’s go and search for Safora and Mic.”

And so off they went, leaving the bench behind them as they searched for their friends. On their way, they met a very suspicious looking man and they tried to interviewed him.

Pete whispered, “Reen, I’ll try to talk to him and ask him a few question. Please do not say anything about us trying to look for the person who stole Miss Nyla’s door.”

“Hello, sir. How are you? We are making some research about doors. Can we ask you some questions, please? The first question is, what do you like about doors?” asked Pete as they approached the man. He was tall and thin with straight, brown hair.

“Doors?” asked the man. “Doors are very nice, they could keep our house away save from burglars.”

“Do you know how to take out a door from its frame?” asked Reen.

“Stealing a door?” he asked. ‘Why must anybody steal a door? That is a weird thing to do,” continued the man as he quickly walked away saying, “It’s getting late, I have to catch the train and I think it’s time for both of you to go home.”

“He looks very suspicious,” whispered Pete to Reen after the man had walked away from them. “And he mentioned about stealing when we did not say anything about it.”

Suddenly they saw the first suspect walking not far from where they were standing. They ran to him, hoping to ask him a few questions. He seemed to be talking on the phone to someone. As they almost reached him, he turned away, ran to his truck and drove away. Pete and Reen went running home to tell the other members of PeforaMeen Solvers about their interesting adventure that evening.

>>> To be continued <<<

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The Mystery of the Missing Door (Chapter 2: A Mystery Begins!) – A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim

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Mic rushed inside, running to the dinning room. “Reen, Safora!” he shouted. “Pete’s calling for you. Come on!” He ran outside followed by Reen and Safora.

“What happened, Pete?” asked Reen as Pete looked at some footprints on the dirt of the pathway.

“Reen, Safora can you see anything wrong around you?” asked Pete as soon as the two children reached the spot where the front door used to be.

Safora looked around her and suddenly she shouted, “Oh, no! The door is missing”. She looked at Miss Nyla and asked her, “Miss Nyla, what had happened to your front door?”

Miss Nyla was too stunned and upset to talk. Pete and Safora took Miss Nyla to their house. Their mother made a cup of hot strawberry tea for Miss Nyla to calm her down. And while Miss Nyla drank her tea, Pete’s mother called the police.

While waiting for the police, the four children tried to inspect the area where the incident happened. Pete gave Safora his camera saying, “Safora, Reen please snap some photos of the footprints and try to investigate them further while Mic and I look for more clues.” 

They were very careful not to touch anything around the area as they do not want to disturb any clue or evidence left by the suspect. Then Safora checked all the other doors to make sure that they are not missing.

When the policemen came, they asked the children what had happened and they took some photos of the foot prints that the children had inspected earlier. Later the policemen went to Pete’s house to interview Miss Nyla about her missing front door. After the policemen left, Safora helped Miss Nyla to locked all the other doors at her house while her father called a carpenter to get Miss Nyla a new front door.

Ten minutes later, Pete brought a piece of wood inside a zipper storage bag to the small table out side Mic’s house where the others were already waiting for him. “I only found this clue,” he said. “I think this piece of wood came from the missing door. And there is a fingerprint on it. I found it on the pebbles in front of Miss Nyla’s house after the policemen left the house. But it is very hard for us to find out whose fingerprint is on this wood. Mic, can you please take this clue to the police station and ask the Constable if he knows whose fingerprint it is? And don’t forget to tell him that you’re from the PeforaMeen Solvers. I’ll go home and call our friend, the police chief to tell him about our new mystery. May be he can gave us some advice on what we should do.”

“Right, Pete.” said Mic. “I’ll go with Safora just in case anything happens. Reen, you better go inside and drink some water. I can that see your lips look too dry.” So, the four children left the table and separated into different directions to do their own jobs.

To be continued …

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The Mystery of the Missing Door (Chapter 1: Back Together) – A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim

It was a windy day when a boy named Pete went out for a walk. Another boy ran after him followed by a younger boy. The older boy called out, “Pete! Come and have tea at my house!”

It was Pete’s friend, Mic with his little brother, Reen. And so Pete followed them to their house for tea. Pete’s younger sister, Safora was already there. They all sat down at their favourite place in Mic’s garden and started to eat the tasty cookies and cake freshly baked by Mic’s mother.

“It’s been a long time since we last see you, Pete,” said Mic. “So long that I’ve forgotten how tall you are. We’ve been in Germany for two months and now you seems to be much taller than how I remembered you.”

Pete was the tallest and oldest among the four of them. Pete was fourteen years old while Mic and Safora were a year younger than Pete.  “How old are you now, Reen? You are five, right?” teased Pete. “No, I am already seven,” said Reen. And so they all talked to each other together while enjoying the tasty cookies and cake. They talked excitedly about the mystery that they had solved last summer.

The next day, after studying Pete went out to see his friends, Mic and Reen. As he passed his neighbour’s house, he saw his neighbour, Mrs. Frank was moving out  from the house. Pete also saw Mrs Frank talking to another woman and gave her some keys before she left. Mic guessed that the other woman must be his new neighbour. Pete shared the news with Mic and Reen.

The next evening, the four children saw the woman in her garden. They stopped to say hello and the woman invited them in. She was a very nice woman named Miss Nyla. She was very tall, thin and very friendly. Miss Nyla invited the children to her dinning room for some cookies and tea. As they were enjoying tea, she told the children the reason why she moved to Woodsland. She said, “I moved here because there were lots of burglaries around the area where I used to live. And I have never heard of any robbery cases around this nice town.”

Suddenly, a loud scratching noise came from the front door. Pete and Mic ran to the front door from the dining room and before they reached there, they heard a loud bang. And when the two children arrived there, they were stunned to see that the front door was gone! Miss Nyla was right behind them. Surprised, she asked, “What happened? Who took my door and why?”

“Mic, please tell Reen and Safora to come out here at once,” whispered Pete to Mic. “We need to inspect the area and look for clues to find out who took Miss Nyla’s door. This looks like a new mystery.”

To be continued …

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The Mystery Of The Deforested Woods (Chapter 7: Mystery Solved)

Od Woods

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Mic and Safora ran towards Pete and Reen, followed by some policemen. The police chief of the district came along and Pete told the chief about what he saw in the woods. The chief looked at the photos carefully and explained a plan of how to arrest the three suspects to his men. Then they carefully went into the woods with Pete leading the way.

The policemen surrounded the area and caught the three suspects while they were busy cutting down another big tree. The three men were too surprised to run away. The police took the suspects to the police station and they will be taken to court the next day. The police chief was so proud of Pete, Mic, Safora and Reen. “Well done, children, especially you, Pete. All of you have done a great job. I am very proud of you. You have saved the valuable trees in the woods,” said the police chief, “And thank you for helping the police.”

Pete looked at the police chief and said, “But sir, please look at this hand prints.” Pete showed him the photo of the hand prints that he had snapped in the woods. “I snapped these photos around the area where the tree were cut down; but none of the suspects has pointy thumb as in these hand prints.” The police chief looked at the photos and told Pete to take them to the place where the photos were snapped. When they reached the location, a policeman asked Pete when did he snapped the photos and some other questions regarding the matter.

Suddenly the policeman laughed softly, “Excuse me, sir. But I think I can solve this mystery. A day before Pete and his friends came over here looking for clues, John and I came here to inspect the woods. John tripped over and fell down to the ground. Actually that week he was too busy that he forgot to cut his finger nails and the nails were pointy and that made the pointy thumb hand print.” They looked at each other and everybody started to laughed.

Then the police chief  said, “It’s getting late now. Come on children, I’ll send you home.” On the way they excitedly talked about the mystery and the police chief suggested that they look for nice name to call their team.  Pete though hard and at last he came with an idea to mix their names together into PeforaMeen Solvers.

The chief gave everybody a present, a special note book together with a pen with the police department logo on them. The kids thanked him and they were so proud of their presents. The police chief told their parents about what had happened and their parents were really proud of them.

Pete was proud of his team for being able to solve the mystery and saved the trees in the woods. Pete love the nature, the trees, the plants and the animals and he understood that it is very important to take care of the environment. That night the children talked about the mystery with their proud parents.

The next day, after breakfast, Pete saw a newspaper on the dinning table. He was about to pick it up when he saw a headline on the front page, ‘Peter Alfonso and his friends saved the Woodsland’s woods.’ Pete rushed to his sister’s room to show her the article, but half way to Safora’s room the phone rang. Pete rushed to answer the phone.

It was the police chief. He called to tell Pete about the article in the newspaper and to invite Pete, Safora, Mic and Reen to a special ceremony to thank them for helping the police at the police station on the next day. He also said that he would like to officiate the PeforaMeen Solvers at the event.

After he put down the phone, Pete rushed to tell the good news to his sisters and the other team members. That night they were too excited that they could hardly sleep!

The next morning, Pete saw a police car with the chief, Mic and his little brother Reen coming towards his house. Pete called out for Safora and they said goodbye to their mother. The chief was taking them to the police station for the special ceremony and their parents will be there later. Rupert was there too. He thanked them for saving the trees and asked for their parents’ permissions to take the children to the woods to teach them about the wonderful plants.

Reen asked Pete, “Pete, since this mystery is solved, will there be any more mystery for us to solve?”

“I hope so,” said Pete. “I hope that there will be more mysteries for us to solve in the future.”

~~~ The End ~~~


The Mystery of The Deforested Woods (Chapter 6: The Actions)

Od Woods

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They rushed to the woods to investigate. As they were about to reached the woods, they saw a man walking behind a big tree. The man saw them and he disappeared among the trees and the kids lost him. Luckily, Pete managed to take a picture of the man before he ran away. They walked further into the woods, hoping to get some clues. But there was no clue at all and they did not see anybody else.

Pete said, “Reen and I are going to stay over here. We’ll stay on guard and try to get another photo of the man as a clue if he comes back. Mic and Safora, you’ll both go to the police station and tell the officer what had happened. Take this photo and give it to the officer,” said Pete giving Mic the photo of the man they saw walking behind the big tree.

So they went separate ways, Pete and Reen hid under some thick bushes while Mic and Safora ran to the police station. After a while, the man came back. He tripped by one of Reen’s clever traps and fell down to the ground. Pete could see the design of his shoe sole and immediately he drew it in his notebook. He also took another picture of him.

Anyway looking at the man’s right hand, he found out that the man had no pointy right thumb. Suddenly the man spoke to someone. Then Pete and Reen heard a nice and soft voice and in came two more men, one looked kind of European and the other one looked smaller in size. They took out their chain saw and started to cut the big tree in front of them.

Pete was shocked, for in front of him was the German friend of his together with the small, slim and dark skinned man with white hair who they met earlier. So, it was Frederick and the other man who cut down the trees! Pete was puzzled, but what about the hand prints with pointed thumb that they saw? Frederick and the other man did not have pointed thumb. Carefully, Pete and Reen walked out from the woods. Nobody heard or saw them because of the loud clattering noise and the men were too busy cutting down the trees.

“Reen,” said Pete in a low voice as they walked away from the woods. “So, it was a team of three men working together. It was Frederick,  the small, slim and dark skinned man with white hair who we met earlier and the man that we’ve just saw. The design of his shoe sole matches the one that we saw on the first day we came to the woods to investigate this case. Thanks to your clever trap, Reen. So, now we know who had cut down the trees. Come on, we should go to the police station now, It’s getting late and … look!” said Pete excitedly. ” The police officer is already here together with Mic and Safora. Let’s show the new pictures to the police!”

To be continued …

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The Mystery of The Deforested Woods (Chapter 5: Interviews)

Od Woods

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The next day, the four friends had a meeting in Mic’s garden to discuss about the mystery. “I found nothing in Russia that can help us to solve this mystery,” said Mic. “No clues and no information. Furthermore I can’t speak Russian, so it was hard for me to communicate with the Russians over there. So I think we’ll have to get more clues here in Woodsland. And the answers from Akbar couldn’t help us at all. He said he had never come here before, and this is the first trip to Woodsland that he had ever made. So, I don’t think my trip to Russia can help us in solving this mystery,” continued Mic.

They then decided to go to the woods to search for more clues. As they walked near the woods, they saw two men walking from the woods. One was small, slim and dark with white hair and the other was tall, big and red headed. Pete asked the first man, “Good morning, sir. Sorry for interrupting you, but do you know the person who had cut down the trees in the woods or do you know someone who might have done it?”

“No,” said the man looking angrily at Mic, “and stop playing in the woods. This is a dangerous place,” he continued in a croaked voice. He walked towards his big truck, stated the engine and drove away.

Mic walked to the second man, “Excuse me, sir. Do you know someone who might have cut down the trees in the woods?”

The man looked at them with a warm smile. Then he answered in a kind and soft voice, “I wish that I can help you but sorry, I have no idea. It is nice to know that you care about the trees in this woods. Maybe you could take a look around this place for some clues. By the way, I’m Steve Black, the fisherman.”

“Thanks, Mr. Black,” said Mic. ” I am Michael Alvernda. It’s very nice to meet you.”

They all went into the woods and inspected the trees around them. Then they reached an area where the thick bushes stopped them from going further. Suddenly they heard some rustling sound in the bushes. They stood back, scared and wondering what could it be. They were about to run away when they saw a man behind the bushes. He saw the children and walked out from the bushes.

He then walked towards them and introduced himself, “Hi, I am Rupert Alexender Marmet. I am a botanist from Australia. I am studying the plants in this woods. Do you like plants too?” They asked him a lot of questions and the kind botanist was happy to answer their questions. He showed them photos of some wonderful plants that he saw in the woods.

Then he asked them, “It seems that someone had cut down a lot of trees around the woods especially that area,” he said pointing to the area where they came from. “Do you know who did it and why?” The children told him that they were also asking the same questions too. The botanist said, “Well, I have to go now. I really enjoyed talking to all of you and hope that you can solve the mystery of who cut the beautiful trees and why; so that we can stop the person from destroying this beautiful woods. I hope we’ll meet again soon. Goodbye!”

“So, what’s next, Pete?” asked Mic after Rupert left them.

“I think we’ll go and ask  a friend of mine if he knows anything about what had happened in the woods as he lives nearby,” answered Pete. “It’s better to ask someone we know than someone we don’t.” And so they all went to the house of Pete’s German friend named Frederick. But he told them that he did not know much about it. He only read about it from a newspaper. Frederick explained that it was against the law to cut down trees in the woods.

Instead of giving them clues, he served them chocolate ice-cream that he made all by himself. The ice-cream was so delicious and creamy and the four children really enjoyed the tasty ice-cream. Soon, they said goodbye to Frederick and walked to a nearby riverbank to discuss about what had happened.

Suddenly they heard footsteps from behind them. They looked behind them but they could not see anything. After a while, they heard clattering noise from the woods across the river. They looked up and saw a few trees started to fall down to the ground on the other side of the river.

To be continued …

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The Mystery of The Deforested Woods (Chapter 4: Trip To Russia)

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Od Woods

They all thought hard. “I know!” shouted Pete. “I think I know the person who cut down the trees in the woods. Henry! It should be him. It can’t be Ivan; because if Ivan cut down the trees, there won’t be any noise so we won’t be hearing the clattering sound. But first, we need to find out more information about Henry and Ivan. All lumberjacks in this country must be members of the Lumberjack Club and we can check their resumes at the club office,” continued Pete.

Safora and Mic volunteered to go to the Lumberjack Club to check if Henry and Ivan are members of the club. An hour later, they returned to Mic’s house with good news.

“Okay,” started Safora. “We have good news. They are both members of the Lumberjack Club and here is what we found out about them.” She took out her note-book and read, ” Henry is now 57 years old. He was born in Dillenburg, Netherlands. And Ivan is now 53 years old. He was born in the lands of Kolomenskoye, Russia.”

“And I have another good news,” said Mic excitedly. “Tomorrow my father is going to Russia and he is taking Reen and I along for a holiday. We’ll try to see if we can find more information about Ivan as our father will be meeting his old friend, a lumberjack named Akbar over there. Akbar was born in India but he now lives in Russia. Our father said that some of Akbar’s fingers had turned crooked or pointy, I can’t remember which; so he wants to visit him and see if he can help Akbar.”

“Where was Akbar born, Mic?” asked Pete.

“Agra, near the Taj Mahal. And I’ll try to ask him questions to find out if he came to Woodsland recently,” answered Mic.

The next day, Mic and Reen were very excited; they could hardly wait for the time to go to the airport. Their flight to Russia would be departing from the Woodsland International Airport or WIAIR at 12 o’clock noon and they were going to the airport two hours earlier. Mic and Reen said goodbye to Pete and Safora, and they promised to bring back something special from Russia for their friends.

“When will you be back from Russia?” asked Safora.

“We’ll be there for six days and we will be arriving back here at 7 o’clock in the morning on Monday,” answered Mic. “I have never been to Russia before and I hope that it is going to be fun over there,” continued Mic. Safora and Pete said goodbye to Mic, Reen and their parents as they departed for the airport.

Six days later at 7 o’clock in the morning, an AeroBratsk aeroplane landed on Woodsland International Airport’s runway from Russia.  Fifteen minutes later, out came some Russians from the aeroplane. Then a boy with his little brother walked out from the aeroplane together with their parents, followed by an Indian manIt was Mic and Reen and their parents. They came back to Woodsland together with their friend Akbar.

Two hours later, Pete, Safora, Mic and Reen got together at Mic’s house. They were so happy to see each other again. Mic and Reen told Pete and Safora about their experiences in Russia and gave them some beautiful Russian Nesting Dolls, snow globes and some Russian postage stamps. Akbar saw the children talking excitedly to each other in the garden, so he walked towards them. Reen introduced Akbar to Pete and Safora and as Akbar decided to join them, they could not discuss about the mystery. Looking at each other, they wondered, who could be the lumberjack who cut down the trees in the woods ….

To be continued …

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The Mystery of The Deforested Woods (Chapter 3: Suspects)

Od Woods

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“Look!” said Reen. “I think that these hand prints are totally different from those I had ever seen. They have some kind of pointy things on the right thumb. Totally different than mine, see? I don’t have any pointy thing on top on my thu ….”

“Stop!” exclaimed Mic. “We’re inspecting these prints and we need to concentrate.” And so they continued inspecting the hand prints carefully. Suddenly Pete had an idea. He suggested that they should all go around Woodsland and check out who might have a pointy thumb on their right hands.

“Great idea!” shouted  Reen. And so they all went out to get their scooters. They then rode their scooters excitedly around Woodland, looking for someone with a pointy thumb.

“First, check out for someone with abnormal hand or hands, then look at their thumbs,” said Pete. “When we’ve spotted them, I’ll snap their pictures and we’d ask the Woodsland Supermarket’s cashiers if they can recognise them. The cashiers might had met them since that is the only supermarket in Woodland. We’ll take pictures of three people before asking the cashiers. But if by an hour we could only find one person, we’ll go and ask the cashiers anyway.”

“I can see one of them over there,” whispered Mic. ” He has pointy fingers on his left hand and he has a pointy thumb on his other hand!” After an hour, they could only spot two people with pointy thumbs. They then decided to go to the supermarket and talk to the cashiers. Mic and Reen volunteered to go inside to talk to the cashiers. 

The cashier was a very friendly man who knew the children very well. He told Mic and Reen the names and addresses of both men. After thanking the cashier, Mic and Reen went out of the supermarket. They smiled happily and Mic, who was holding the paper with the names and addresses, handed the paper to Safora.

“Now, off we go to the addresses,” said Safora. “First man…,” she looked at the note and read out loud. “His name is Ivan James, also known as Vames and lives at House 23, Summerland. The second man is Henry Maurice also known as Herrice and lives in House 85, near the winter festival building in Chocolate place. So, who’ll be going over there?”

“Me and Reen,” said Pete suddenly. “Among the 4 of us, we are the best at tracking people.”

So Reen and Pete went to Summerland to investigate. When they reached the address, Reen and Pete rang the door bell and waited. After a while a woman opened the door.  “Good afternoon. We heard that there is a great lumberjack named Ivan who lives around this area. Do you know him?” asked Reen.

“Oh yes,” said the woman. “This is his house but he went out since this morning. He is a professional lumberjack and is very good at cutting woods.  He could cut the woods without making any noises.” They talked to the woman for a few more minutes and headed to the second address.

At Chocolate Place, they looked for  House 85. In front of the house, they saw a man carrying a chainsaw. “He might be a lumberjack,” thought Pete. Pete walk towards him asked him politely, “Hello, sir. Are you a lumberjack?”

“Yup!” he answered. “My name is Henry Maurice but people call me  Herrice. I came all the way from Netherlands to work in Chocolate Place.” Herrice was very nice and friendly. They spoke for a while and Herrice invited them to visit him again next time.

Back at Mic’s, Mic and Safora were waiting anxiously for Pete and Reen to return home. “Michael!” called Mic’s mother. Mic went to the kitchen and his mother told him to feed the animals. Safora followed Mic to the barn and helped him to feed the animals. After feeding the animals they saw Pete and Reen walking towards Mic’s house.

They all rushed to the garden table for a meeting. Pete told them about their investigation.”Both men are lumberjacks,” said Pete. “So, could it be one of them who cut down the trees in the woods?” asked Pete. “Henry and Ivan are our first two suspects.”

To be continued…

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The Mystery of The Deforested Woods (Chapter 2: Inspect!)

Od Woods

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“Okay, we won’t be too late, sir,” said Pete to Mr. Brown. “So, where should we start?” asked Safora. “The man who lives in the woods, he’s a good friend of father’s. Let’s go and interview him,” Pete suggested. “But wait,” said Mic holding Pete’s sleeves. “Look, the wood did not sink but the trees had been cut down.”

Just then they found footprints and wagon’s trails. Safora kept those pictures of the footprints in her mind since she left her notebook at home. “Now what?” asked Reen. Ask the man? Take a look at the stumps? Check out this nice chainsaw? Look at tha ….” Pete looked at Reen and asked, “A chainsaw? Let’s check it out!” “Worth a try,” said Mic.

They checked the chainsaw, looking for clues but they found  nothing except dust on it. “Perhaps this chainsaw had not been used for a long time. If not it won’t be so dusty and there will be fingerprints on it. But I heard that there are some tricks to cover our fingerprints,” said Mic.  Suddenly, they heard the clattering sound, like what Pete heard that morning. Pete announced, “We’d better continue our investigations tomorrow, it’s too late now and the gardener will be angry if we stay here for too long.”

The next morning, Pete and Safora ran towards the woods to continue their investigations. Meanwhile, Mic and Reen had totally forgotten that they were supposed to meet and go to the woods. Pete wondered where were Mic and Reen. So he ran to Mic’s house and waved his magnifying glass in the direction of Mic’s bedroom window as a signal. Mic was looking out his window and saw Pete in front of his gate, waving the magnifying glass.

Mic rushed outside with his little brother, Reen and they all ran towards the woods. When they reached the woods, Reen stood back just in case someone caught sight of them. Pete found out that the footprints had been brushed away by hands and he got the hand prints he needed. Fortunately, Safora could still remember the footprints. Pete took out his camera that he got for his birthday last month and took  pictures of the hand prints. “There, we’ve got some clues and now we could go home and think of what to do next,” said Pete. 

They all went to Mic’s house to discuss about the hand prints that they just saw and the footprints that Safora drew in her notebook as soon as she reached home last night.

To be continued …

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The Mystery of The Deforested Woods (Chapter 1: The Discovery)

Od WoodsWhen Pete was about to go to sleep, he heard a man crying outside. He wondered what it was. He got up from his bed and he took a peek outside. Everything seemed normal, maybe it was just somebody crying in the woods. He took a look at the woods again and saw that something was not right. The trees looked as if they had sunk into the ground. Then he remembered the clattering sound that he heard from the woods that morning.

“Safora! Come here, please,” called Pete. Safora was his sister. “Anything weird out there?” asked Safora. “You see, I’m kind of sleepy. So, how about talking about it tomorrow,” said Safora as she went back to sleep.

Pete sighed and continued looking outside. “I’m going up, I mean I’m going out there to have a look at the woods,” said Pete while he put on his jacket. “Something is wrong, the woods is sinking.” “I’ll come along then,’ said Safora as she got up from her bed. “I’m not going to let you go outside all alone. But please ask for permission from Mum first, Pete.”

“Mum, can Safora and I go upside, I mean outside to take a look at something for a while, please?” asked Pete. “Alright,” said his mother. “Just  don’t do weird things out there and do not stay out there for too long.” Pete and Safora went out to inspect the woods. “Hi Mic, what are you doing here?” asked Pete and looking at Reen he said, “And Reen, you are much taller!” Mic and Reen were their neighbours but they had not seen each other for months. “What do you mean by upside, do you mean outside?” asked Reen. Pete sighed “Yes, I always make that mistake.” “I heard a man shouting in the woods and I could not sleep,” said Mic. “Well, did you notice that the woods look kind of weird? The whole woods seems lower as if the trees had sunk into the ground. So, I came upside to inspect it,” said Pete. 

“Don’t waste your time, everyone. We must find out what’s happening over there,” said Safora. So off they went to the woods. Just before they reached there, “Stop!” shouted someone while putting his hand in front of the children. It was Mr. Brown the gardener. “What are you children doing out here?” he asked. Pete answered, “Were just going for a tour in the woods and ….” Mic give Pete a nudge and said, “What he meant was we’re inspecting what is wrong with the woods. It looks weird. That’s all.” Mr. Brown said, “Fine, you can take a look at the forest but don’t be up too late because it’s already time to sleep and it could be dangerous out there.”

To be continued …

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