The Special, Delicious Terengganu Sweet Cakes

In Terengganu we have lots of delicious traditional sweet cakes.

Most of them are made of lots of eggs, coconut milk and sugar such as akok, jala mas and sekaya.

Yummy Terengganu food. On the right is 'akok', cream puff is on the left and the top is 'kasidah'.On the far right is 'sekaya'.

Anyway these tasty food are hard to get in Kuala Lumpur.

The tasty 'jala mas'.

So we were so happy to have them at the book launch of AMoT at the RA Fine Arts Gallery.

These delicious Terengganu cakes were cooked by Aunty Asma.

Aunty Asma is a very good cook.

Aunty Asma, the chef serving the delicious food at the event.

For the event, Aunty Asma cooked akok, sekaya, kasidah, jala mas, karipap, pulut lepa, cream puff, gopal and fried mee hoon.

My big sister Kaman (L), Kafah (middle) and I (R) are enjoying the tasty food.

I think the people in Terengganu uses lots of eggs in their sweet cakes because they want to be healthy since eggs are rich protein :mrgreen:

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A Map of Trengganu

Copies of AMoT. Please place your order now.

‘A Map of Trengganu’ (AMoT) is the latest book written by Uncle Awang Goneng.

It is a sequel to the best seller, ‘Growing Up in Trengganu’ (GUiT).

The book is about the old days in Terengganu, the beautiful town and the people living there long before I was born.

It also talks about the old and historical buildings that had been demolished like the the mosque near my mother’s house and the rows of shop houses in Kedai Payang.

GUiT was launched at Alam Akademik or Kedai Pok Loh Yunang in Kuala Terengganu.

Anyway the building had been demolished.

My father picked up the books from the distributor this morning and had delivered some to the costumers who had placed their order.

Orders had came in even before the book reached KL.

There was an order from New York, USA too.

I do not really understand the book as it has lots of hard words but my big sister is so excited about it and cannot stop reading it.

I am reading AMoT but there are too many hard words for me...

She was smiling and laughing by herself while reading 🙂

I want to keep one copy and wait until I grow up a bit older to enjoy it as my big sister and my parents.

May be Uncle Awang Goneng should write a simpler edition with  larger font for small kids like me :mrgreen:

This book had just came in from Singapore and may not reach the bookstores in KL yet 🙂

Just now I sold a book to Uncle Wan Yusuf after the Friday prayer.

During the ‘Khalifah Dinner And Talk’, I helped to distrubute flyers.

I hope that I can help my father to sell a lot more copies of AMoT and that AMoT will be another best seller like GUiT 🙂

So, please >>>Click Here<<< for information on how to order ‘A Map of Trengganu’

I wish that one day I can write a book too, like Uncle Hulaimi.

This book is fun and very interesting, so please place your order now :mrgreen:

A Map of Trengganu by Awang Goneng.

The sequel to Malaysian bestseller Growing Up in Trenaggnu looks at the terrain of Trengganu, the landmarks that are still standing and those that have fallen to rubble, the winds that bring chill and change to the inhabitants of his coastal town, and people who walked the streets and breathed the air that is laced with dried shrimps, the aroma of röjök, and salt coming in with the spray from the South China Sea.

Wacana Isu-Isu Semasa Aqidah


My photo on the stage at the wacana.

Today I attended the Wacana Membanteras Gerakan Pluralisme Agama Dan Permurtadan Ummah at the Dewan Besar, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu in Kuala Terengganu.

Wacana means discourse.

Over there I met Pak Cik Borhan, Uncle Sheikh Harun, Ami Ma, Uncle Ustaz ‘Uthman El-Muhammady and Ustaz Ismail Mina.

From left, Ami Ma, Uncle Ustaz Ismail Mina, Uncle Ustaz Zawawi and my father .I snapped this photo myself 🙂

I also met Abang Kamalruddin Taib from TV AlHijrah.


I was interviewing Abang Kamalruddin Taib who works for TV Alhijrah after he finished interviewing people about the program.

The speakers are:

  • Dr Anis Malik Thoha (UIAM)
  • Ustaz Dr Muhammad ‘Uthman El-Muhammady (ISTAC)


Ustaz Dr.Muhammad ‘Uthman El-Muhammady.
  • Ustaz Mohd Aizam Masod (JAKIM)
  • Dr Ahmad Bazli Shafie (IQT)
  • More than 1500 people attended the discourse.

    A part of the 1500 people who attended the discourse

    The discourse will be aired on TV AlHijrah soon.

    Rambutan Picking

    Tok Teh's rambutan trees

    I was in Terengganu for the last two weeks for Eid holidays.

    Kuala Terengganu is my parent’s hometown.

    On the second day of Eid we visited Tok Teh.

    Tok Teh is my grand aunty.

    I called my grand uncle Tok Teh too.

    It is very sad that he had passed away.

    There were a lot of red, ripe rambutans on the rambutan trees at Tok Teh’s house.

    So, a few days later we visited Tok Teh’s house again for a rambutan picking.

    Kafah and I with our rambutans

    Rambutan is a type of a fruit with hair on its skin.

    Ripe, red rambutans

    ‘Rambut’ is hair in Malay language.

    My big sister Kaman used a pole (galah) to pluck the rambutans.

    My other sisters and I ran to collect to rambutans.

    It was like a ‘rambutan rain’ 🙂

    Kashah, Kafah and I rushed to collect the rambutans.

    It was really fun.

    This is the first time I went rambutan picking.

    We sorted our rambutans and counted them. I collected 88 rambutans; more than my sisters did.

    It was as fun as apple picking.

    Later we ate the fruits.

    They were very, very sweet.

    MY HIGHEST STATISTIC :) :) :) :) :) :)

    1,939. Please click the graph

    On 1/18/2010 my statistic shot up to 1,939.

    The top post was ‘Freezing Weather In Florida‘.

    It got 1,390 hits.

    I got a few links from Russia; the largest country in the world.

    Russia is a beautiful country with lots of beautiful historical buildings.

    The Russian government does not demolish historical buildings.

    But in Terengganu, Malaysia a row of historical heritage buildings were demolished.

    Thank you and I hope to get more links from all around the world 🙂

    I hope that one day I can visit Russia.

    Help Save My Grandmother Shop


    Please save my grandmother’s bookshop!

    The bookshop’s name is Alam Akademik Sdn Bhd.

    Alam Akademik  Sdn Bhd is the oldest bookshop in Terengganu.

    The bookshop has been at the same location for a hundred years!

    Yesterday they sent a letter telling my grandmother to move away in 30 days from July 13 2009.

    The Terengganu government is going to demolish the whole historic building!

    It is going to be another disaster!

    Terengganu had lost a lot of historic buildings and landmark.

    And they are going to demolish another historic building.

    From old photo during flooding. X - already demolished. Arrow - going to demolish
    From old photo during flooding. X - already demolished. Arrow - going to demolish

    My grandmother is very sad.

    And I am very sad too ……

    So please, please help save my grandmother’s bookshop!

    If I can go to the United Nations meeting, I am going to tell the world to save all the historic buildings and landmarks!

    front road
    Old and historic - more 100 years old

    A Moment With English At SMK Tengku Mahmud 2

    Ali-SMKTgMahmudI went to Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tengku Mahmud 2 for ‘A Moment With English’ program on Tuesday, June 16, 2009.

    The school was a big secondary school in Besut, Terengganu.

    I read the article about Swine Flu (but now it is called Influenza A H1N1) which I wrote when it first started in Mexico.

    I met Kak Athirah and a lot of  other kakaks,  abangs  and teachers there.

    I enjoyed ‘A Moment With English’ at the school.

    I also enjoyed the ‘mee soup’ at the school.

    It was tasty but very hot.

    16062009(116)On the way back, I stopped at the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium that collapsed a few weeks ago.

    I also stopped at Pantai Bari.

    In English Pantai Bari is Bari Beach.

    I had keropok lekor, coconut drink and watched lots of goats drinking left over coconut drink from the coconut shells.

    I love to go to Besut and I wish to go there again soon.


    States Of Malaysia’s Flags

    These are the states of Malaysia’s flags 🙂















    Pulau Pinang

    Pulau Pinang




    Negeri Sembilan








    FT Kuala Lumpur

    Going Back To Terengganu Again

    Tomorrow I am going back to Kuala Terengganu.

    I think  we’ll have lunch in Kemaman again.

    The restaurant is near Aunty Moon’s house.

    They sell tasty chicken rice.

    Uncle Azahar saw us there the last time we went home to Kuala Terengganu.

    But I did not see Uncle Azahar because I don’t know that he was there too.

    I hope I can meet Uncle Azahar soon.

    I met Tok Cu Bee, Aunty Emy and Uncle Syed Zaid at a bloggers meeting on Saturday 🙂

    Can I meet Uncle Azahar at the nasi ayam restaurant tomorrow?

    I hope there will be no water problems at Petronas Mountain Station 🙂

    Municipal flags in Terengganu (Malaysia)

    Terengganu has 7 districts.

    Each district has their own flags.


    Besut Flag
    Besut Flag


    Dungun Flag


    Setiu Flag


    Marang Flag

    Hulu Terengganu

    Hulu Terengganu Flag

    Kuala Terengganu

    Kuala Terengganu


    Kemaman Flag

    This is the Terengganu flag.

    Terengganu Flag

    This is the coat of arms of  Terengganu

    Coat of arms of Terengganu